"We all have the same goal—to help animals—and we always have. But in the past we focused on minor differences instead of focusing on what we could accomplish if we worked together. Hopefully, the Asilomar Accords will change that way of thinking."
Bob Rohde

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The Asilomar Accords document is comprised of four sections: Guiding Principles, Definitions, Statistics and Formulas, and Glossary of Terms.

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Guiding Principles
These are the main tenets of the Asilomar Accords.

In order to facilitate the data collection process and assure consistent reporting across agencies, the following definitions have been developed. The Asilomar participants hope that these definitions are applied as a standard for categorizing dogs and cats in each organization. The definitions, however, are not meant to define the outcome for each animal entrusted to our care.

Statistics and Formulas 
Templates and examples of the annual animal statistics table and live release rate formulas also facilitate the data collection process and assure consistent reporting.

Glossary of Terms
The glossary of terms used in the statistics and formulas are included to help with reporting.